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On behalf of the EWG of the UEM, I wish to thank Mr JUNGE and Mr DOUGLAS, President of the Extra-Sporting Commission, to allow me this short communication about environment.
Respect of the environment is one of the conditions to preserve sports activities in the future.
Moreover, our individual and collective commitment concerning this matter will convey a positive image of the UEM and its members.

At last, the European population is more and more aware of these matters and has become demanding as regards sports shows, and extremely critical towards any noise and pollution excess in particular.
As regards its positioning, the EWG of the UEM whishes to work in the field, by involving all the protagonists, the National Federations, the organisers, the Officials, the teams, the riders and the public.

We confirm and acknowledge that:

The C.I.E. is the supreme organ in charge of the writing of the reference texts, with the difficulty to take into account the continental, and even national, legislative specificities.
We recommend to establish regular contacts between the European Federations and the institutional and ministerial authorities in charge of the environment in each country. We wish the creation of a Working Group in each Federation, and we wish the President to become the natural contact of our Group, in order to establish a European network.
We recommend that each National Federation gives the organisers, the teams and riders, recommendations concerning the environment and taking into account the national legislation and the FIM Environment Code, about the main matters :

– noise level,
– treatment of waste water and fluids,
– cleanliness of the paddocks and campings, etc…
We also recommend, during the events, the communication of a text concerning these matters in the programme, behind the admission ticket, through annoucements made by the speaker, etc…
We think that it would be also useful to introduce in the technical and sporting regulations, and in the Supplementary Regulations of the national, continental and international events, some basic advice concerning environment, for the attention of the organisers.

Lastly, an environment file is under construction on the UEM Internet site, which will be available for consultation, in its first configuration, at the moment of the biennial session of the FIM in Annecy, next October.
Dear friends, let’s preserve our sports activities in the respect of the environment, to give the future generations the possibility to live out our passion.
Thank you for your attention.
Chairman of the EWG
5 juillet 2003

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