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The motorcycle sports activities and environment.
Time to become aware
The preservation of nature in order to give the future generations the possibility to live in harmony with it, whilst practicing our disciplines.
The UEM Environment Working Group proposes below some recommendations for the attention of the organisers of motorcycle events, of the riders and people accompanying them, and of the public.
These recommendations, largely based upon the excellent work carried out by the Belgian Motorcycle Federation (FMB), were established according to the Environment Code of the International Motorcycle Federation (FIM).


To reach the circuit, use the roads and paths which will cause as few problems as possible for the environment, with the collaboration of the authorities. According to the location of the event, provide accesses which can easily contain the public expected.
Provide arrows to indicate the site of the event.
Provide evacuation roads (with the co-operation of the authorities) for ambulances, firemen, civil protection, …………
Provide barriers to delimit a service corridor in the paddock.
Provide enough parking spots for the public, and a sufficiently vast and accessible paddock with corresponding surface.
The people in charge with the cars parkings and with the paddock must optimize the area provided for each vehicle and make sure that they are respected by everyone.
Forbid the parkings on the verges of the roads, in long grass and everywhere except on the spots provided.
Avoid, as much as possible, the close proximity of planting and seedling lands for the setting up of the paddock and the parkings for the public.

Provide a practice track easy to reach and forbidden to the public.
For the public address system, provide two outputs : one for the paddock and one for the public.
The positioning of the loudspeakers is important. They must be pointed towards the middle of the circuit and towards the ground, and enough loudspeakers must be provided, in order to reduce the sound level.
The sound level must stay as low as possible.
Compel the person in charge with the PA system to reduce as much as possible the sound level during the breaks in the competition, and forbid him any sound excess.
Make sure that silence is respected in the paddock between 10 pm and 8 am..
Provide drinking water supply points.
Provide an identifiable area to clean the motorcycles, and a decantation system for the collection of the hydrocarbon waste.
Provide fire extinguishers in the paddock and the Closed Park.
Provide enough toilets for the public and in the paddocks (men and women), with toilet paper, regular maintenance and water supply point.
The toilets must be clearly indicated to the public and the participants.
The public must be informed of the importance of the respect of environment, through mike announcement, …
Refreshment bars and catering: to encourage the use of recyclable or biodegradable products.
Make sure that the wiring is up to standard.
Make sure that the sales points are clean.
Supply each participant with bin bags. (Provide containers for the bags). Provide enough bin bags in the paddock and cars parkings.
Provide containers for the used tires, oils, oil filters, funnels and toxic materials, and identify these containers.
The location of the containers must be indicated to the riders and to the public (on the circuit map and in the programme).
Prohibit the display of adverts and posters or informations on the trees..
Prohibit the distribution of advertising leaflets (on the cars windscreens in the parkings, …..)
Refuse the distribution of advertising brochures .
Thank in writing the people who live near the site of the event for their tolerance.
As soon as possible after the event, remove all posters, informations, boards, arrows, etc.

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